The Growth Marketer's Playbook

Jim Huffman
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Imagine if you had the exact playbook used by today’s top startups to grow a business online.

That’s what Jim Huffman is giving you with . In this refreshingly honest how-to guide for digital marketing, VC advisor and startup founder, Jim Huffman, serves up the exact growth marketing strategies he uses to help companies achieve explosive revenue growth. You’ll get access to the playbook Jim uses to advise on growth at General Assembly, Techstars, Sephora, OREO, Hot Wheels, FedEx, and more.

This easy to follow book will help you:

- Run the same growth process used by today’s VC-backed businesses
- Uncover the right growth opportunities for your business
- Avoid the mistakes that 90% of startups make
- Gain insights through 25 real-life case studies
- Get the blueprint for running a data-driven growth team

In The Growth Marketer’s Playbook, Huffman uses case studies & proven processes to help you navigate the digital world and grow a business the right way. Whether you’re a first-time small business owner or an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur, this playbook lays out the exact formula for online growth.

What people are saying about the book:

“Jim has scaled a startup from idea to 7 figures and advised fortune 500 companies. If I was a CMO his material would be mandatory for my team.” - Jenny Fielding, Techstars MD

“Jim’s approach to growing businesses makes executing your own marketing plan a straightforward process that anyone can do.” - Tommy Griffith, CEO of Clickminded

“Anyone that’s looking to accelerate their knowledge in growth marketing should read this book. Jim represents a new breed of data-driven marketers who has used an agile growth framework to build real businesses.” - Rob Sobers, Head of Growth at Varonis 

Learn the secrets to growth from a Growth Agency that has scaled VC-backed startups and mentored Fortune 500 brands.  This book is a step-by-step growth marketing playbook on how to grow an online business from zero to seven figures in sales. From how to run a growth process to detailed growth case studies, you'll learn how to be a data driven marketer that can scale a startup from idea to sustainable businesses with limited resources and time.

Don't fail like 90% of startups and learn how today's startups rapidly grow with limited resources. Check out this ebook today.


Chapter 1: Why Growth Marketing Matters
Chapter 2: The Real Reason Startups Fail
Chapter 3: Growth Marketing 101
Chapter 4: How to Know You’re Ready for Growth
Chapter 5: PLAYBOOK: How to Uncover Your Growth Opportunities
Chapter 6: PLAYBOOK: How to Set Up Your Marketing Infrastructure
Chapter 7: PLAYBOOK: How to Run & Manage Growth
Chapter 8: PLAYBOOK: How to Acquire, Convert & Scale
Chapter 9: RESOURCES: What’s the Right Marketing Tech Stack for You
Chapter 10: SELF-HELP: Shut Up and Grow


As a bonus, you'll get a pipeline of 100+ growth tactics, the exact growth management templates we use for our clients and our growth marketing project management tool.  Basically, everything you need to run growth at your company. 


Jim Huffman is the founder of the growth agency GrowthHit. He's grown and launched three startups that have been featured by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechCrunch, GQ and Wired. Huffman grew one startup to over 100,000 email subscribers in six months and $3 million in sales in 24 months. He grew another startup to 3 million impressions in under 18 months. Currently, Huffman is growing a startup that has 100,000 members and does over seven figures in monthly sales. He is a Techstars growth mentor and teaches digital marketing courses at General Assembly. Finally, he is a marketing instructor at the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and has worked with brands like Mattel, FedEx and Clorox.

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The Growth Marketer's Playbook

8 ratings
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